What Price Honor? Is now… Honor Above All

Let’s face it – I have virtually lived with the book title, What Price Honor for nearly ten years. We’ve been through it all together, plotting, character, good writing days and bad ones. The title became part of me, like a pair of comfortable shoes, or a favorite sweater. So…it came as a shock, right out of the blue…when Emily Victorson my publisher at Allium Press suggested, let’s say strongly suggested I find another title for the book”.
Evidently there is another scifi book with the same title.

I felt lost. After much discussion among my immediate family as well as my writing critique group, the final choice was Honor Above All. I am pleased with it. And I think we are getting used to one another.

Titles are important. They convey to the potential reader something about this book. It is more than just a mystery. This is a story about our hero, Garrett Lyons, who always tries to do the right thing. And, of course, has to abide by the consequences.
Honor Above All…..yes we are getting used to one another.

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