The time has come……

Next week my publisher is back from vacation. This means that before the end of July I will receive my manuscript “What Price Honor” with her edits. I’ve spent the past months working on my web page, trying to figure out Facebook, and polishing some short stories.

Most of the ‘helpful tips for writers ‘ that are posted on line or in writers magazines advise you to put the book down for at least a month or so. Then you will return with a fresh eye. That is true. Meeting the characters I spent 8 years (I am not joking here) creating and wonder if I we will still like each other again. I think so.

However this editing on line with Word is all new to me. But a red pencil is a red pencil. I have mixed feelings…….seeing my first book – with edits. What comments did she make? And most important are we going to agree? Wish me luck


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